MyChelle Sustainability

Plastic pollution is a global issue that threatens ecosystems around the world. An estimated 11 million tons of plastic waste enters the oceans annually. Plastic pollution has been found in even the most remote environments. It takes hundreds or even thousands of years to degrade in nature and it affects wild life through entanglement, ingestion, and habitat impacts.

Doing Our Part

MyCHELLE has partnered with The Plastic Collective, a world-renowned organization that helps companies reduce their environmental impact. We recognize that we still have work to do to reduce our plastic pollution footprint but as a first step, we have become plastic neutral certified! This is an important step to advance toward our goal of taking responsibility for our plastic pollution and its impacts. Although we are unable to eliminate certain plastic pollution today, we have purchased plastic credits equivalent to the plastic pollution we haven’t yet been able to eliminate. These credits directly fund much-needed waste management activities and support the global transition to a circular economy. The purchase of these credits represents a temporary measure until we are able to undertake our longer-term goals of eliminating our plastic pollution.

Alliance to End Plastic Waste

At MyCHELLE, we believe in beauty that benefits the world. That's why we've proudly partnered with the ASASE Foundation to support their transformative project in Ghana. Launched in 2019, the ASASE Foundation's initiative focuses on tackling plastic pollution through community-based waste collection and recycling. By establishing small recycling plants as social enterprises, the project empowers women entrepreneurs, enabling them to create their own sustainable businesses in plastic waste collection. This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability, helping us make a significant impact on the environment while uplifting communities and fostering economic independence for women.

Together we can do more. It's about finding that bigger purpose in life that motivates every one of us to keep getting up, showing up, and making a difference whenever we can. We are proud to support best-in-class, hands-on organizations with our shared values. These are some of the most dedicated people, whose day to day actions are truly changing the world. Your support of MyCHELLE helps them continue their efforts.