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Age Spot / UV Recovery Regimen

Complete RegimenUV Repair

This collection includes:
Apple Brightening Cleanser 2.1 oz, Apple Brightening Peel 1.2 oz, Apple Brightening Serum 1 oz, Apple Brightening Mist 2.1 oz, Apple Brightening Cream 1.2 oz & Replenishing Solar Defense 2.3 oz and a MyChelle branded travel jute bag.




Product Description

Beautiful, supple, even toned skin is something we are all gifted with at birth but must protect everyday to maintain. As skin ages, it accumulates the punishing effects of environmental exposure, both on a visible level in the skin as well on a deep cellular level. Over exposure to the sun long-term not only leads to premature aging and wrinkling but also the appearance of liver spots or chloasma, the intense clumping of melanin otherwise known as a tan.

A consistent regimen of cleansing, toning, nourishing and protecting — morning as well as evening — can rehabilitate weathered, dull, and lifeless skin. MyChelle Dermaceuticals offers bioactive and peptide-rich proven formulas to reverse the many signs of over exposure to UV rays. To avoid future sun damage protect your skin daily with MyChelle Replenishing Solar Defense, a wide- brimmed hat, long sleeved UV protected clothing and choose shaded areas when outside.


· PhytoCellTec™ Apple Stem Cells. Research has shown Apple Stem Cells to stimulate and protect human stem cells while reducing the depth of wrinkles by an average of 15% in just four weeks through the promotion of skin regeneration. Delays biological aging of essential cells.

· Applephenon™ (Pyrus Malus Fruit Extract). Treats and controls melanin-pigment formation.

· Resveratrol. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory derived from giant knotweed.

· Açai Fruit Extract. Antioxidant from sustainable rainforest fruit; helps prevent free-radical skin damage.

· Daisy Flower Extract. Effective skin-lightening agent; alters melanin production.

· ZinClear.™ Ingredient in our Sun Shield SPF 28 that provides sun protection from both UVA and UVB.

· L-Ascorbic Acid. Antioxidant rich, strengthens collagen, provides antiwrinkle effects and smoothes skin texture.

How to Use

6 Steps to Beautiful Skin

1. Cleanse: use both morning and evening to refresh your skin

2. Treat: apply a mask, peel or scrub treatment one to three times a week to drive ultimate results

3. Serum: apply daily serums for intensive care and deep penetration. Smooth over face and neck. Layer different serums to obtain synergistic benefits

4. Tone: spray toning mist onto face to rebalance skin’s natural pH, maintain hydration, refine skin pores, and fight inflammation

5. Nourish: use our natural, nontoxic, nourishing creams both morning and evening to improve and replenish natural moisture balance and nourish your skin

6. Protect: use our nontoxic, reef-safe, moisture-preserving, mineral-based sun block to minimize sun damage



I purchased the age spot/uv recovery complete regimen. Not only does my skin feel so much better but my complexion is evening out in just a few weeks! I really love all of the products and can't wait to see my results in a few more weeks.

M Rutig

Delray Beach, FL