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Skin Care Tips

Our skin care experts have many tips and tricks for keeping your skin looking the best. When your skin is healthy and glowing you radiate beauty inside and out. We have a few tips for you here but if you have any questions send an email to our estheticians and we’ll help you achieve your MyChelle Glow.

To view more MyChelle Skin Care tips please click here to view our YouTube Page.

1. Did you know the #1 anti-aging product you can use is a Sunscreen! UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermal layer of the skin and can cause a host of aging effects such as: destruction of collagen and elastin; hyper pigmentation; and damaged DNA. Use the MyChelle Replenishing Solar Defense SPF 30 to repair and avert photo-damage brought on by the sun’s aging rays while maintaining protective moisture. ZinClear ™ provides natural protection against both UVA and UVB, without harsh chemicals. A blend of Kukui and Macadamia Oils combine with Red Algae to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles brought on by environmental stress.

2. Create an at home eye treatment that will soothe the eye area, decrease puffiness, and minimize dark circles. Apply a cool treatment by putting your fingers under the cool stream of water. Apply the Fabulous Eye Cream on your chilled fingers. This cool treatment will feel great and leave your eyes looking refreshed!

3. Are you cleansing long enough? To get the most out of your MyChelle Cleansers apply to damp skin and rub in circular motions for 60-90 seconds. This will allow the enzymes to gently exfoliate the skin, leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for your next MyChelle step.

4. Don’t forget your décolleté, the neck and chest area. The décolleté is the second place that shows the sign of aging, first being the eye area. Help prevent age spots and elastin degradation by using your MyChelle Apple Brightening System and age defense products in this region. Sun damage and wrinkles aren’t just on the face; give the rest of your body the MyChelle Glow.

5. Kombuchka (Black Tea Ferment is referred to as the immortal health elixir, promoting health and longevity). It works to prevent the reaction of protein and sugar that naturally occurs in the skin which increases aging. This reaction results in the kin becoming rigid and a decrease in skin radiance. It is found in Deep Repair Cream and Deep Repair Cream Unscented.

6. Avoid dry, dehydrated skin all over the body by taking warm showers not scorching hot showers. Steaming hot water can soften the natural oil balance on the skin while soaps then strip the oil from the skin.  This can leave your skin dull, dry and flaking.  The Fruit Enzyme Cleanser makes a great face and BODY wash for the shower. The formula removes dirt and debris without stripping the skin of its natural moisture barriers.

7. Improve hydration with exfoliation! Often time’s dry skin has a buildup of dead skin cells. Removing those skin cells with an exfoliator will help hydrating products penetrate better and be more effective. Try this easy at home facial once a week in the evening. Step 1. Use a cleanser with Alpha Hydroxy Acids like the Fruit Enzyme Cleanser. Step 2. Use the Tropical Skin Smoother to slough off the dead cells. Step 3. Apply the Hydrating Cactus Mask to deeply hydrate and prevent moisture loss. Step 4. Use the Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum to restore moisture balance and improve suppleness. Step 5. Apply the Revitalizing Night Cream and let your skin be drenched in moisture and nourishment while you sleep. Your skin will look like you just spent a weekend at the spa - freshly hydrated with a glowing complexion.

8. Did you know that if skin is striped of oil, it’s unbalanced? This causes the body’s protection mechanism to produce additional oil to compensate for the dryness on the surface.  The goal is to control and monitor the oil production.  Use MyChelle Clear Skin Cleanser, Fruit Enzyme Mist, Oil Free Grapefruit Cream to keep your skin balanced.

9. Did you know that the natural oil secretions and ceramides create a natural barrier protecting us from environmental damage and aging? Dry skin has a dysfunctional barrier, lacking in this normal protection. Use Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum, Pumpkin Hydrating Mist, Deep Repair Cream and Hydrating Cactus Mask to hydrate the skin and repair the epidermal barrier.

10. Vitamin C will increase radiance by brightening hyperpigmentation spots and improving overall skin luminosity. It will “lighten, brighten and tighten”. It is a powerful ingredient for any Customer, of any age, and of any skin tone.

11. An idyllic stratum corneum (top layer of the skin) water content is 20-35%. When the water content is below 10% the skin is visibly dry. One of the best ways to hydrate your skin is with Hyaluronic Acid, a humectant that holds 1000 times its weight in water! It is the camel of the skin care industry! Recommend the Serious Hyaluronic or Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum to boost hydration levels underneath a daily moisturizer. The skin is instantly plumped and hydrated!

12. Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) is the loss of moisture through skins surface. It occurs when the protective barrier of the skin is weakened, causing it to become dry, dehydrated and inflamed. The skin is affected by TEWL more at night due to increased temperature and permeability of the skins surface. Moisturizing oils and essential fatty acids can help to reduce TEWL, and help to hydrate and restore the skin. Use the Ultra Hyaluronic Serum or any of the MyChelle Moisturizers to prevent TEWL.

13. The eye area is the most delicate on the face and is in constant motion due to blinking and expressions. Because of these factors it is a necessity to use eye products on a daily basis.

The Fabulous Eye Cream is an advanced formula that is moisturizing and nutrient-rich which helps to rejuvenate the delicate eye tissue. Research shows that when applied twice daily for 20 days, Fabulous Eye Cream can reduce wrinkle depth by 15%!

Magnolia Fresh Eyes is a blend of peptides and plant extracts strengthen weakened capillaries and promotes repair for a well-rested look.

14. Boost your hydration by applying the Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum underneath the Hydrating Cactus Mask or any of your favorite MyChelle moisturizers. The mask or moisturizer will create an occlusive barrier, allowing the serum to penetrate deep into the skin resulting in the soft, silky skin you’ve always wanted!

15. Ever wonder why men age so well!? Partly because they exfoliate daily through shaving. To create a deep cleansing whip for a daily exfoliation, mix together the Fruit Enzyme Cleanser and Fruit Enzyme Scrub. Use in the morning in the shower for a luminous glow that lasts all day long!

16. The eye lashes serve as protection from any invasions into the eyes. So not only are long lashes beautiful, but we are intended to have long luscious lashes to protect our eyes. Bat your thicker, fuller eyelashes after using the Ultimate Lash and Brow Serum. The clinically proven Myracle Peptide Complex and Apple Fruit Stem Cells naturally improve the appearance of lash length, darkness and volume. A clinical trial showed the Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 works to increase eyelash thickness and length by 25% within 2

17. The eye area is the most delicate on the face and is in constant motion due to blinking and expressions. Because of these factors it is a necessity to use eye products on a daily basis.

18. Vitamin A can help to address different skin concerns:
  • Benefits an acne concern by retexturing and removing dead skin cells
  • Support the body’s ability to build collagen and elastin. Vitamin A Plus Serum accelerates cellular turnover for clear, youthful, even toned skin.