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Hello Beautiful Song

Sing a Song of Beauty

We talk a lot about beauty around the MyChelle offices. Like, a lot a lot. So when we asked a bunch of MyChelle customers (and our entire internal team) to create books that show what beauty means to them, we quickly built up a pretty impressive Hello, Beautiful library. We saw countless pages of proof that being beautiful is so much more than skin deep. It's self deep. It's about all the perfect imperfections that make us feel our best and reflect true beauty back in the mirror. Truly, we are ALL beautiful.

Book after book, the beauty became so overwhelming that we felt like singing from the mountaintops. And soon, we kinda did. We asked singer/songwriter superstar Alice Peacock, a close friend and longtime MyChelle customer, if she would write a song about what true beauty really means. We showed her our beauty bookshelf where she drew her inspiration, and before we knew it, "Hello, Beautiful" was born—this time in song form.

Click below for your free download of MyChelle's hit "Hello, Beautiful by Alice Peacock." Then share your thoughts, spread the love on Facebook, and even build your own beauty book. We can't wait to hear what you think of our new anthem. And heck, if you want to make it your ringtone, power to you. We did.

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