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Age Defense Regimen

Complete RegimenAnti-Aging

This collection includes:
Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser 2.1 oz, Fruit Fiesta Peel 1.2oz, G2 Instant Firming Serum 1.0 oz, Fruit Enzyme Mist 2.1 oz, Supreme Polypeptide Cream 1.2 oz, Replenishing Solar Def SPF 30 2.3 oz. and a MyChelle branded travel jute bag.

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Product Description

Diet, lifestyle, sun exposure, environmental time. MyChelle’s Age Defense products provide serious solutions to help rejuvenate your skin while protecting it from further damage.

To put your best face forward, our proven bioactive-rich ingredients nourish and feed the structure function of the skin. Reveal a visibly younger you in a short amount of time with a consistent regimen of our exceptional, restorative age defense formulas. Our comprehensive approach actually supports and enhances the weakened infrastructure of your skin.

Rich, nourishing, intensive treatments with highly active peptides and powerful antioxidants offer ultimate hydration, collagen production and strengthen compromised tissue that are essential for the structural integrity of the skin.


· SYN-COLL® (palmitoyl tripeptide-5). Stimulates collagen synthesis, actively smoothes wrinkles, promotes skin firming and moisturizing.

· EYESERYL® (acetyl tetrapeptide-5). Proven to improve skin’s elasticity by 35%.

· 10% Argireline.® Promotes collagen formation thereby reducing wrinkles.

· Instalift™ Goji GF. Improves skin elasticity and provides immediate skin tightening.

How to Use

6 Steps to Beautiful Skin

1. Cleanse: use both morning and evening to refresh your skin

2. Treat: apply a mask, peel or scrub treatment one to three times a week to drive ultimate results

3. Serum: apply daily serums for intensive care and deep penetration. Smooth over face and neck. Layer different serums to obtain synergistic benefits

4. Tone: spray toning mist onto face to rebalance skin’s natural pH, maintain hydration, refine skin pores, and fight inflammation

5. Nourish: use our natural, nontoxic, nourishing creams both morning and evening to improve and replenish natural moisture balance and nourish your skin

6. Protect: use our nontoxic, reef-safe, moisture-preserving, mineral-based sun block to minimize sun damage